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W-Tech builds cooling towers, coolers and condensers with Magnelis sheet metal panels or, on request, in 304 or 316 stainless steel. Every detail, starting from the materials used, is important for the efficiency, durability and reliability of the products.

What is Magnelis?

The Magnelis is a metal cover that represents a great innovation regarding the coating and the defence against corrosion. Thanks to its specific chemical composition it offers unrivaled protection from external agents and protection of cut edges, even in the most extreme conditions.
Magnelis is produced on a classic hot dip galvanizing line, but the molten metal bath is characterized by unique chemical composition: zinc, 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium.


The percentage of 3% of magnesium plays a fundamental role. In fact, it creates a stable and resistant layer that covers the entire surface, offering a much more effective defence against corrosion, comparable empirically to galvanized sheets of over 1000g / cm2. the first zinc-magnesium aluminium steel coating to be certified for use in marine environments, class C5-M, by SP Sitac, the international approval and certification body for the construction sector, and its excellent corrosion resistance has been also certified by CSTB (France) and DIBt (Germany).

The specific metal composition of Magnelis ZM310 creates a stable , robust and self-healing layer distributed over the entire surface of the metal, optimized to offer the best results in terms of corrosion resistance even in environments that contain chlorine or ammonia .

W-tech applications

We devote a lot of attention to materials and strengthened by this innovation no welding is foreseen in the different assembly phases of the towers, thus obtaining products with a homogeneous and uncompromising surface, extremely resilient against corrosion, made to last for a long time and with minimal maintenance compared to traditional hot-dip galvanized steel towers.

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