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W-tech machines are the only ones made of Magnelis, which allows the advantages of evaporative cooling to be added to the strength and sustainability of this material.

Magnelis why choose it?

Magnelis is an aluminum-zinc alloy patented by ArcelorMittal, used for corrosion protection of steel plate. Its advantages include:

High corrosion resistance: Magnelis offers superior corrosion protection compared to other anticorrosive coatings, such as galvanized or aluminum.
Long life: Magnelis’ corrosion protection is more durable than other treatments, which means protected components will last longer and require less maintenance.
High mechanical strength: Magnelis is an alloy of aluminum and zinc, which means it offers high mechanical strength and greater resistance to deformation.
Ease of machining: Magnelis sheet metal can be easily machined using the same machining processes used for steel sheet metal.
Environmentally friendly: Magnelis contains no heavy metals, making it an environmentally friendly choice for corrosion protection.
Economical: Magnelis offers longer-lasting corrosion protection than other treatments, meaning protected components will last longer and require less maintenance, reducing long-term costs.
Wide range of applications: Magnelis is used in a wide range of applications, including construction, industry, infrastructure, automotive, and marine.
Certification: Magnelis is certified by many organizations and standards, including the European standard EN 10346.


Torre in Magnelis

Torre in Magnelis

What are the advantages over steel?

  1. Greater corrosion resistance: its zinc-aluminium coating provides superior protection, compared to galvanised steel, against corrosion in aggressive environments, such as marine or industrial.
  2. Greater resistance to pitting corrosion: Magnelis maintains its structural integrity even in the event of paint or surface coating damage.
  3. Less weight: Magnelis is lighter than steel, which makes it easier to transport and install.
  4. Greater design flexibility: it can be easily formed and machined, making it suitable for a variety of shapes and designs.
  5. Longer service life compared to galvanised steel.
  6. The cost of Magnelis is less than steel moreover it has greater durability and resistance to corrosion.

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