The axial version of evaporative coolers replaces evaporative towers where it is necessary to separate the process fluid from the atmosphere and recirculating water. The units are similar to cooling towers, although they have a reinforced structure to support the weight of the coils and have an onboard recirculation pump.



They differ from evaporative towers in the use of a heat exchange battery for the primary process fluid.

Having a machine with the process fluid inside a heat exchange coil allows the primary fluid not to be “dirtied” by sediments or microparticles present in the water. The presence of the heat exchange coil also makes it possible to use glycolised process water where the system requires it.

Key points for choosing an evaporative cooler instead of an evaporative tower:

The process fluid flows through a heat exchanger coil: the fluid is not contaminated by particles in the water or by atmospheric agents.

Glycolated fluids can be used safely thanks to the use of the heat exchange coil

The units can operate in dry mode in sub-zero winter conditions, without recirculating water and only with the fans running.



W-Tech RAA series, axial type evaporative coolers, are manufactured and assembled in accordance to our Quality System certified by ISO 9001.


All our machines as standard are constructed of Magnelis®, which is an environmentally sustainable alloy consisting of 93.5 percent zinc, 3.5 percent aluminum and 3 percent magnesium. The percentage of magnesium allows the self-repair process during cutting and punching operations and protect against deformations. Another characteristic of this material is resistance to corrosion, superior even in environments rich in chloride and ammonia. The maximum workability and greater resistance, compared to other processes, allows the use of a smaller amount of metal coating and therefore a greater lightness of the machines.


The standard unit is constructed of sheet metal panels type Magnelis®(steel, zinc, aluminum, magnesium) panels to grant the maximum level of surface protection. Comparable empirically to a galvanized sheet with over 1000 g/m2 of zinc. The single panels, after the phase of cutting and folding, are assembled with AISI 304 (A2-70) on request AISI 316 (A4-80) e guarnizione in butyl mastic highly adhesive reinforced with polyester mesh inside to guarantee great shape stability and resistance to temperature variations. During the assembling of the structure, welding operations are not foreseen (self-supporting). The coloring of the sheet metal type Magnelis® is a RAL 9006.


Louvers are in PVC with special dual flow design in order to eliminate the sun light into the water basin, possible residue/leafage or accidental water leakage. Positioned on the four sides of the unit, louvers can be completely removed to allow an easy access to the basin during maintenance.


Basin section is made with heavy thick panels of Magnelis® ZM310 thick and is equipped with a removable anti-cavitation type filter AISI 304L (to protect the primary circuit pump) and water make-up valve with brass/stainless steel body and stainless steel or polypropylene floating ball. Basin configuration permits water volume reduction and a lower weight when operating. Basin surface is sloping to permit complete drainage, emptying during maintenance and preventing then the growth of bacteria. All the unit connections are in galvanized steel (AISI 304L on request).


Standard heat exchange coil is made of smooth carbon steel (AISI 304L on request) tubes (finned on request) of suitable diameter and thickness, following our proprietary design. Coil is hot-dip galvanized according to UNI EN ISO 1461:2009 to ensure a perfect corrosion protection. After that, coil is tested in accordance to PED-CE rule.
Coil is delivered filled with nitrogen at a pressure of 3 bar.


Water is evenly distributed by a piping system inside the machine made of PVC with sheet metal distribution box Magnelis®. Spray nozzles are of suitable diameter to prevent any clogging and are made in ABS and easily replaceable in case of maintenance.



Axial fans are built with blades in high efficiency glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (PPG), aluminum hub, compass and bolts in galvanized steel. Protection fans grids are made in galvanized steel. Motors,IE3 efficiency class, with mechanical protection IP56 tropicalized, specially designed for operation in humid atmosphere, F insulation class, continue service S1, V6 form and automatic condensate drain are directly spliced to axial fans (direct coupling). Electric motors are protected with an additional painting cycle in C5 class, against corrosion and humidity. Motors are suitable to use together with frequency inverter (VSD-Inverter) 30-50 Hz.
Electric motors are in accordance with CE 2019/1781 norm.
The connection cable coming out directly from the electric motor casing, is carried outside the structure and wired directly to the terminals in a specific IP56 junction box.


Drift eliminators are made in PVC (PP on request) and divided in various sections to facilitate their removal in case of replacement or inspection of ventilation and water distribution system. The used drift eliminators allow a passage of drops equal to 0.001% of the droplets present at the entrance, removing water loss, potential aerosols drift that might contain Legionella bacteria.


All components are supplied assembled. Each unit, prior to delivery, undergoes hydraulic testing to ensure that there are no water leaks in the tank, and electrical testing to verify that the electric motors have a power draw in line with the nameplate data.


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