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Regular equipment maintenance ensures that the performance for which the machine was designed is maintained over time.
Depending on the type of machine, W-tech has developed inspection schedules that allow for short downtimes and long time maintenance intervals. These control plans inspect the parts most exposed to wear and the state of consumables, in order to optimise the running costs of the equipment.
To ensure the best maintenance activity, W-tech provides specialised technicians, capable of providing the best machine maintenance programme according to the specific work context: industrial, commercial or civil. Obviously, each plant – as well as each component – needs its own maintenance specifications; the supply of quality spare parts also plays a key role.



Native control plans for equipment designed by W-Tech can also be adapted to third-party machines, thus enabling a long service life for such equipment as well. Evaporative cooling machines are characterised by having a fairly simple structure, consisting of just a few elements. Each machine consists of the following components:

– Coating
– PVC or PP exchange pack
– Drop eliminators
– Suction grids
– Spray nozzles
– Motor/fan assembly
– Recirculation pumps

The materials used as spare parts or consumables are of the same quality as those used by W-Tech during production, they also enable third-party machines to obtain the same performance as on W-Tech’s own machines.
W-Tech can offer technical assistance for operation and maintenance of machines, revamping of existing machines and supply of the main spare parts and consumables.

For a quotation or technical advice in order to achieve the best performance even of installed machines, please contact us.


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