The “Le Befane” shopping center in Rimini is the largest in Romagna. Inside there are over 130 shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and a multiplex cinema with 12 screens. In such an important complex, the air conditioning system is crucial to ensure comfort for visitors during most of the year. W-tech’s intervention was aimed at replacing the existing closed-circuit evaporative towers, which had deteriorated very quickly. Furthermore, the change of the previous towers has allowed a significant energy efficiency.

6 existing units were then dismantled and replaced with 6 closed-circuit coolers RAA model 126/24 series for a total dissipated power of 8,500 kW (8.5MW).

Given the size of the machines and the very particular positioning, it was necessary to involve a crane with a very important outreach; due to the proximity of the “F. Fellini” airport of Rimini, the use of this equipment required all assembly operations to be carried out at night, in view of the regulations in force for the take-off and landing routes of aircraft.

The work was carried out completely within the time schedule defined with the Property, thanks to the supervision of W-tech specialized technicians during the entire assembly and subsequent start-up phase.

The closed-circuit coolers installed are of the axial type and have allowed optimization of the positioning of the individual machines, thus obtaining significant space savings.

The installed electrical power has been optimized with the aim of maximum energy saving, by coupling the inverters for each motor so as to be able to manage, as linear as possible, energy consumption based on the effective heat dissipation requests by the groups of conditioning, during all hours of the day and at various times of the year, based on seasonal climatic trends.

The choice of W-tech closed circuit evaporative towers was also made on the basis of the materials used. The previous machines installed, built with simple galvanized sheet metal, did not give the desired results in terms of duration and time and therefore the Property and its consultants have focused on Magnelis steel which represents, to date, a much more resistant solution to the aggression of natural elements.

W-tech builds all its machines (open circuit towers, closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers) using only Magnelis, in the most resistant version (ZM310) in order to guarantee an exceptional duration over time of the investment made.


RAA 126/24




Rimini ( RN ) Italy