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Evaporative cooling machines are characterized by having a fairly simple structure, made up of a few elements. Over time, the individual components are subject to physiological deterioration. To keep the performance of your machine always optimal, keeping energy consumption and management costs low, constant checking and maintenance of the individual parts ensures perfect operation over time, according to the project parameters.

W -tech has always made a wide range of spare parts and components available to its customers for various types of towers or condensers.

W-tech is able to offer for all its machine models and for those of other manufacturers:

  • Exchange pack in PVC or PP
  • Drop eliminators
  • Suction grids
  • Spray nozzles
  • Motor / fan unit
  • Recirculation pumps

At totally competitive prices.

Our general advice, determined by years of experience in the field, is to face the season in which the working conditions become more severe, providing for an early diagnosis of worn parts and their replacement, to avoid sudden blocks and costly production delays.

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