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Evaporative towers are devices used in many industries to cool water used in production processes. However, each company has specific needs and, often, standard cooling towers cannot fully meet them. In these cases, custom evaporative towers can be the ideal solution. Let’s look together at 5 advantages of having custom cooling towers for your company.

Improved energy efficiency

Custom evaporative towers can be designed to operate more energy-efficiently than standard cooling towers. With a custom design, fan type, device shape, fill type, and other components can be chosen to achieve maximum efficiency with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Best value for money

Evaporative towers customized to customer exigencies may seem more expensive than standard evaporative towers, but in the long run, they can be a worthwhile investment for the company. Because they are more efficient, more reliable, and more adaptable, cooling towers can provide better value for money than standard evaporative towers.

Torri Evaporative Customizzate

Torri Evaporative Dimensioni Diverse

Increased reliability

Custom evaporative towers can be designed to be more robust and reliable than standard cooling towers. By choosing materials, such as Magnelis, components, and installation methods, it is possible to achieve a device that lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Better compliance with regulations

Standard cooling towers often fail to meet safety and environmental impact regulations fully. In contrast, custom evaporative towers can be designed to better meet current regulations, avoiding any safety or environmental impact issues.

Improved adaptability

Custom evaporative towers can be designed to fit the specific needs of the company. This means that you can choose the size, shape, materials and components best suited to your production process, avoiding waste and inefficiency.


Custom evaporative towers can offer numerous benefits for the companies that use them. If you are considering the purchase of new evaporative towers, or the replacement of existing ones, we recommend that you consider the customization option to get the maximum benefit for your business.


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