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Reliability and competence for satisfied customers

At W-tech, we have been designing and manufacturing adiabatic heat dissipation systems such as towers, coolers and evaporative condensers for over 20 years.
We have recently expanded our product range to include machines for cooling industrial processes, which are ideal for the countless requirements of production processes. Our chillers stand out not only for their high performance, but also for their low environmental impact due to the use of natural gases such as Ammonia (NH3), Propane (R290) and Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) power plants. Our offices are in Bologna and our production has different location in Italy.
All our products, in the many configurations, represent the best in terms of efficiency, compactness, performance and rational use of energy.

The proposed solutions are tested and correctly sized according to the operating specifications of each individual customer or market. We are able to provide adequate answers and solutions to any cooling and heat dissipation problem arising from industrial processes, air conditioning systems (HVAC) or refrigeration plants. All aspects of design and production are handled directly by our team, so we can guarantee an integrated project in favour of the final product quality.
Over the years, products have been modified or completely revised to implement new technologies that have become available. This allowed our systems to be cutting-edge in terms of weather resistance, noise emissions and energy savings.


Systems built to last

Every detail, starting with the materials used, is important for the efficiency, durability and reliability of the products. For this reason, we build cooling towers, coolers and condensers with galvanised steel panels of the “Sendzimir” type (or on request in stainless steel 304 or 316) protected with the W-Coat anti-corrosion system. The mechanical parts and electrical systems are designed with the same attention.

Thanks to the latest generation of motors, silencers and the innovative water distribution network, the range of solutions offered by W-tech is designed to ensure excellent performance. Both in terms of energy and thermal efficiency – in both cold and warm seasons – guarantee constant performance over time and low acoustic impact.


Tested and certified quality

With a view to maximum reliability and overall quality, W-tech relies on the renowned Accredia certification organisation. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all products are CE marked. Pressure systems, such as evaporative condensers, are PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approved.

Moreover, the company provides its customers with a competent, up-to-date and qualified technical staff for design and assistance: a know-how that is expressed from the designing to the installation, control and maintenance of the systems.

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