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With the arrival of winter, it is an opportune time to deepen our understanding of the maintenance of evaporative towers in this freezing season. Ensuring that these structures are in optimal condition is crucial to ensure efficient operation even in the coldest temperatures.

Antifreeze Inspection

One of the first strategies is a detailed inspection of the antifreeze system of the evaporative tower. It is essential to carefully check that additives are dosed correctly in order to avoid freezing of water and crucial components.

Checking Seals

Low temperatures can compromise the integrity of seals. It is recommended to inspect them regularly to ensure that they are in good condition. If necessary, replacing the seals is crucial to avoid energy losses during evaporator operation.

Performance Monitoring

Incorporating advanced monitoring systems is a recommended practice to track tower performance. Low winter temperatures can adversely affect performance, so being proactive in identifying any changes is critical to maintaining optimal performance.


Periodic Cleaning

Winter brings with it wind and precipitation that can bring debris into the evaporative towers. Periodic cleaning is essential to prevent the accumulation of sediment that could compromise the efficiency of the system. This practice helps to ensure that the tower operates at its best even during the winter season.

Optimising Automation

Integrating advanced automation systems simplifies management during winter. Scheduling preventive maintenance and receiving timely notifications for corrective action becomes essential to ensure optimal evaporative tower operation in adverse weather conditions.

By carefully following these winter maintenance strategies, you can ensure that your evaporative towers operate at full capacity even on the coldest days. A proactive approach to maintenance is the key to preserving the efficiency and longevity of these important facilities.


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