An evaporative condenser condenses a refrigerant gas from agaseous to a liquid state. As the refrigerant gas flows through a coil from top to bottom sprayed with water and countercurrent air, it condenses and changes phase. Medium to large refrigeration systems are usually water-cooled, especially if they use ammonia as a refrigerant.

The choice of a water-cooled condensing unit such as W-tech evaporative condensers over air-cooled units is simple:

Consistent performance throughout the year due to lower condensing temperatures

Higher thermal efficiency during winter/summer months

Optimal efficiency due to use of recirculating water in fall with countercurrent air

Lower power consumption compared to an air unit


The axial version of the evaporative condensers is similar to the evaporative coolers, with heat exchange coil and recirculation pump. The heat exchanger coil can be made of stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316L. All W-tech evaporative condensers are PED certified. Tutti i condensatori evaporativi W-tech sono certificati PED.


Evaporative condensers with preset fans, like the evaporative tower series of similar design, have higher efficiency and simplified maintenance due to the positioning of the motor and fan.

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Centrifugal fan evaporative condensers are a classic solution for installations in zones and areas where defined noise levels must be met and refrigerants such as ammonia andfreon gas are used. Centrifugal fan evaporative condensers made by W-tech can be fitted with inlet and outlet silencers, further reducing the noise emission of the unit.


Low height evaporative condensers with centrifugal fans are the best solution when space is limited, especially in height. They are often designed with a vertical air intake when the installation is in a well.