Evaporative towers are used in industrial process cooling. Wherever there is a need to cool a large volume of water, W-tech evaporative towers are your best solution for:

Power generation and cogeneration plants

Metallurgical plants

Chemical and pharmaceutical plants

Food processing and concentration plants

General industrial plants/air conditioning and refrigeration plants

Plants for moulding, plastic blowing, paper mills

From a structural point of view, the range is divided into towers with centrifugal or axial fans (suction or pressure), special towers for particular uses, towers for use with high temperature thermal water, towers for corrosive water, towers suitable for transport in containers.


Axial evaporative towers are the best known machines, using axial fans on top of the machine. Our customers choose W-tech axial evaporative towers because of their low power consumption and small installation space.


TAP evaporative towers, axial-fan evaporative towers, have higher efficiency and simplified maintenance due to the positioning of the motor and fan.


When low noise emission is required, centrifugal fan evaporative towers offer a classic design to achieve the objective. If quieter operation is required,inlet and outlet silencers can be fitted. W-tech centrifugal evaporative towers can also be ducted.


Low heightevaporative towers with centrifugal fans are perfect for installations in buildings and for low height spaces. Where there are pit installations, vertical air intakes can be installed.