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Axial Evaporative Tower: Maximum Energy Efficiency

Axial evaporative towers emerge as the ideal choice for efficient cooling. With a design aimed at reducing air resistance, they offer:

Superior Energy Efficiency

Axial towers outperform other types in terms of energy efficiency, ensuring optimal system operation.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Easy installation and minimal maintenance reduce initial and operating costs, making them a practical solution.

Suitable for Industrial Airflows

The ability to handle large air flows makes them perfect for industrial cooling systems.


Torre Assiale

Centrifugal Evaporative Tower: Flexibility in the Spotlight

Centrifugal evaporative towers are characterised by their flexibility and adaptability to different operating conditions, offering:

Exceptional Adaptability

Thanks to their flexibility, they can handle a wide range of air flows and water temperatures.

Efficiency in Specific Contexts

In specific situations, centrifugal towers outperform other types, ensuring efficiency even at higher water temperatures.


Torre Centrifuga


Evaporative Tower with EC Motors: The Excellence of Energy Efficiency

Towers equipped with EC motors represent the pinnacle of energy efficiency, offering benefits such as:

Substantial Energy Savings

EC motors, known for their efficiency, reduce the overall energy consumption of the system.

Precise Speed Control

The ability to precisely adjust the fan speed adapts to load variations, optimising energy use.

Low Emissions and Long Life

EC motors ensure lower electrical emissions and a longer lifetime than conventional motors.


Choose Wisely: Axial, Centrifugal or with EC Motors?

The decision between an axial, centrifugal or EC motorised cooling tower depends on your specific needs and energy efficiency requirements. Choose wisely to ensure optimal cooling and efficient use of energy.

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