W-tech designs and manufactures systems for heat dissipation using adiabatic technology such as: towers, coolers and evaporative condensers. All the products, in their possible configurations, represent the best on the market in terms of efficiency, compactness and performance.

Product range


Evaporative towers are used in industrial process cooling. Wherever there is a need to cool a large volume of water, W-tech evaporative towers are your best solution for:

– Power generation and cogeneration plants
– Metallurgical plants
– Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
– Food processing and concentration plants
– General industrial plants/air conditioning and refrigeration plants
– Plants for moulding, plastic blowing, paper mills


Evaporative coolers differ from evaporative towers in that they use a heat exchange coil for the primary process fluid. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Having a machine with the process fluid inside a heat exchange coil allows the primary fluid not to be “dirtied” by sediments or microparticles present in the water. The presence of the heat exchange coil also makes it possible to use glycolised process water where the system requires it.


An evaporative condenser condenses a refrigerant gas from agaseous to a liquid state. As the refrigerant gas flows through a coil from top to bottom sprayed with water and countercurrent air, it condenses and changes phase. Medium to large refrigeration systems are usually water-cooled, especially if they use ammonia as a refrigerant. The choice of a water-cooled condensing unit such as W-tech evaporative condensers over air-cooled units is simple: Consistent performance throughout the year due to lower condensing temperatures Higher thermal efficiency during winter/summer months Optimal efficiency due to use of recirculating water in fall with countercurrent air Lower power consumption compared to an air unit


Dry coolers, also known as liquid coolers, are applications where no water is required.

The advantages are many, from the elimination of possible limescale residue on the coils, to zero water consumption, to lower noise emission. The advantages are balanced by higher electricity consumption compared to evaporative towers, a larger installation area required and higher fluid outlet temperatures. W-tech also manufactures “WET” dry coolers, equipped with a water mist system to lower the outlet temperature of the fluid to be cooled, such as during the hottest hours of the day and during seasonal peaks. W-tech produces from the best known table top executions to “V” shaped executions with single and multi-fans, as well as copper coils with pre-painted fins or multi circuit versions.

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