Wtech designs and manufactures heat dissipation systems by using adiabatic technology, as cooling evaporative towers, coolers and condensers.
All products are available in numerous configurations, and they all represent the best on the market in terms of efficiency, compactness, performance and rational energy use.
All the solutions that W-tech proposes, are widely tested and are highly customized and made to measure following every single client specification.
Our company can respond to every cooling and heat dissipation request, in industrial processes, HVAC or refrigeration plants.
Engineering and production are fully in-house, therefore the fact that we guarantee a fully integrated process favors the quality of the final product.
Over the year our products have been modified or even completely revised in order to implement the latest technology developments, putting us forefront in terms of weather resistance, noise emissions and energy efficiency.  

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Sep 18, 2018
Category: News_ENG
Posted by: redazione

W-tech always concentrates on the customization of its units. W-Tech option list has been expanded and increased to meet its customer’s needs.
Contact us for a customized solution, our technical office will find the most accurate one for you.

Apr 13, 2018
Category: News_ENG
Posted by: redazione

We are pleased to announce that W-TECH has become a member of Cooling Technology Institute (CTI). Cooling Technology Institute (CTI)'s mission is to advocate and promote the use of environmentally responsible Evaporative Heat Transfer Systems (EHTS), cooling towers, and cooling technology for the benefit of the public by encouraging education, research, standards development and verification, government relations, and technical information exchange. Being a CTI member guarantees to W-Tech customers the compliance with the strict quality regulations imposed by this institute. Another step forward! Well done W-Tech!